ACC Advisory Board comprises of distinguished seasoned experts from around the world with extensive experience and recognized qualifications, they contribute to setting the industry standards, promote professionalism and ensure the future of the company.

ACC believes that there is no need to navigate unfamiliar waters alone, with an expert Advisory Board, ACC is able to create a powerful asset that can make a huge difference when we need to get objective advice, scout the marketplace, gauge future trends, seek new strategic positions, have introductions made or build repeat customers.

Unlike corporate boards, ACC Advisory Board has no fiduciary responsibility and its advice is non-binding. ACC Advisory Board meets quarterly and constantly maintains continuous lines of communication with an eye to the big picture, provide advice, evaluate and play devil’s advocate.

Saskia Rietbroek CAMS

Advisory Board Member
Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC”

AL Macdonald CAMS

Advisory Board Member
Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC”

Kem Warner

Advisory Board Member
Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC”

ACC Membership: Global, Diverse, Highly Skilled

We have ACC members:

In over 175 countries

Across private and public sector organizations In first, second and third line of defense roles Across every industry that interacts with the financial system

ACC in the News

ACC Launches New Transaction Monitoring Certification for Compliance Professionals.

September 9, 2020

ACC and WWF Answer Call to Action on Illegal Wildlife Trade August 18, 2020


ACC is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with PECB, to bring PECB training courses in the United Arab Emirates. This partnership will enable both companies to strengthen their presence in the market by providing better access

ACC Executive Team

Hossam M. Abd El-Rahman

Founder, Group
Chairman &
Managing Director

Sohir Mohamed


Hassan Nasser MBA, CAMS, CCO


Mohamed Azeem Memon CAMS, CFE