Our Vision

“We assist our valued clients in applying the International Compliance Best Practices & help in spreading the compliance awareness in every part of the world.”

“Ensuring Compliance Globally”

ACC Membership: Global, Diverse, Highly Skilled

We have ACC members:

In over 175 countries

Across private and public sector organizations In first, second and third line of defense roles Across every industry that interacts with the financial system

ACC in the News

ACC Launches New Transaction Monitoring Certification for Compliance Professionals.

September 9, 2020

ACC and WWF Answer Call to Action on Illegal Wildlife Trade August 18, 2020


ACC is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with PECB, to bring PECB training courses in the United Arab Emirates. This partnership will enable both companies to strengthen their presence in the market by providing better access

ACC Executive Team

Hossam M. Abd El-Rahman

Founder, Group
Chairman &
Managing Director

Sohir Mohamed


Hassan Nasser MBA, CAMS, CCO


Mohamed Azeem Memon CAMS, CFE