“ACC” team of qualified professionals and experts has extensive exposure diversified across the world and can provide all our valued clients with the best consultancy services, expert recommendation and quality solutions that help them stay compliant, protect their organizations from criminals, manage their risk and maintain proper corporate governance.

Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC” provides the following Consultancy services:

1- Compliance Services:

  • Companies formation and setups
  • Providing Outsourced Compliance Due diligence services
  • Writing of organization wide policies and procedures
  • Performing periodic compliance reporting
  • Designing and testing of Compliance Function
  • Providing Compliance Solutions
  • Designing and building the Compliance Risk matrix
  • Designing the compliance Checklist
  • Compliance monitoring and self assessments

2- Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing services:

  • Providing Outsourced AML Due diligence services
  • Writing of AML/CTF policies and procedures
  • Designing and testing of the AML/CTF program
  • Providing AML/CTF Solutions
  • Designing and building the AML Risk matrix
  • Testing of the AML/CTF Function
  • Implementation of AML/CTF monitoring Solutions
  • Implementation of AML/CTF Screening Solutions
  • Performing AML/CTF Business Analysis / GAP Analysis
  • Performing User Acceptance Tests “UAT’s”
  • Providing AML Black Lists
  • Providing Arabic AML Black Lists

3- Corporate Governance services:

  • Designing & building an effective and efficient Corporate Governance
  • Writing of the Corporate Governance policies and procedures
  • Designing and testing of Corporate Governance Function
  • Testing of the Corporate Governance Function

4- Fraud & Forensics services:

  • Conducting Fraud Investigations
  • Conducting Forensics Investigations
  • Conducting Internal Investigations
  • Writing of Anti-Fraud policies and procedures
  • Designing and testing of the Anti-Fraud Function
  • Testing of the organization wide Internal Controls
  • Testing of the organization’s security

5- Risk Management services:

  • Writing of the Risk  Management policies and procedures
  • Developing the organization-wide Risk Management Framework
  • Providing Risk Management services and managing your organization-wide risks

5- Basel II services:

  • Implementation of Basel II Standards and Requirements.

5- PCI DSS services:

  • Providing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance services
  • Writing of PCI-DSS policies and procedures
  • Testing of the data security

6- Internal Control services:

  • Designing Internal Controls
  • Testing of Internal Controls
  • Designing Monitoring Controls
  • Testing of Monitoring Controls

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