Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC” offers a convenient way for our valued customers to meet their training requirements. Our different packages of trainings are very convenient and cost-effective. Train your employees at your facility or a location of your choice, or online. We offer tailored trainings customized to your exact needs and meets your local regulatory requirements. Our trainings cover all types of business that you conduct. Our instructors are highly qualified professionals with international experience available to you locally.

Training Testimonial:

“I have made several changes to the company’s CDD forms based on the input from the forum. Great stuff!!”

“The exposure of the numerous cases and sharing were greatly beneficial”

“The Info session has provided new Insights on Anti-Fraud precautionary measures, the Information gathered is ‘More of a creaming on top of the general knowledge and understanding I have on the Issue”

“The session is quite productive and insightful, as it exposed the Inherent pitfalls within the financial system, which are sometimes negatively exploited, the fact that the session enumerated regulatory ways and actions to curb the trend and drastically protect the system is quite instructive and encouraging.”

“The training provided case studies that are very valuable and so much related to our daily job”

“Normally the AML trainings are so boring, but this course exceeded my expectations, Thanks!”

Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC” provides the following Training services:

  • Providing In-house customized trainings
  • Providing Public trainings
  • E-Learning
  • E-Quizzes
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Seminars

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