Preserving your corporate reputations is of the utmost importance; so do not compromise your company’s strategic direction and decision making with flawed intelligence. “ACC” provides an array of services to protect assets and manage risk, in a rapidly changing regulatory business environment. Our investigative services utilize years of experience in BIG FOUR International Audit firms, International law enforcement and financial regulation to ensure our clients receive excellent value. This firsthand experience enables ACC to protect our clients against Fianncial Crimes & fraud, preserve their reputation and save them serious financial losses / regulatrory fines.

Whether analyzing exposures or recovering from their exploitation, most companies require professional external assistance. ACC has the experience to review complex, incomplete and often misleading data in determining whether a fraud has occurred and if so what steps should be taken to control, mitigate and recover the loss. Typical assignments can include complex financial investigations, credit portfolio reviews or proactive fraud audits. Once all evidence has been gathered, ACC will advise the client on how best to proceed.

A standard financial investigation includes:

  • Secure and collect all evidence in a manner consistent with the rules of evidence to ensure admissibility
  • Conduct interviews with witnesses
  • Computer forensics
  • Present the evidence in an understandable manner in a venue of the client’s choosing

Fraud investigations are a great challenge because the perpetrators tend to be professional criminals and/or insiders who possess intimate knowledge of your organization.

Why Struggle? We can assist you protect your financial institution against fraud attempts and detect any fraud incidents. We categorize them into the following groups:

Internally Perpetrated Fraud

  1. Misappropriation of Assets
  2. Accounting Malpractice
  3. Employee Fraud

Externally Perpetrated Fraud

  1. Ponzi Schemes, Investment or joint venture fraud
  2. Bank Fraud (Teller Fraud, L/C & L/G Fraud, Mortgage / Loan Fraud, … etc)
  3. Teller Fraud (Cheque Fraud, Currency Counterfeit, … etc)
  4. Identity theft Fraud
  5. Internet fraud
  6. Mobile Payment Fraud

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