As a valued Member of Allied Compliance Consultants “ACCâ€, you are entitled to a bundle of World Class services that we offer in the following areas of specialty:

1.   Compliance
2.   Anti-Money Laundering “AMLâ€
3.   Counter Terrorism Financing “CTFâ€
4.   Corporate Governance
5.   Fraud
6.   Financial Crimes
7.   Risk Management
8.   Basel II
9.   Internal Control
10.  Security

Among the services that we offer to all our valued members through our website are the following:


  • Online service that enables all our valued members to Ask a question and get an expert reply from the expert of their choice among our group of experts within 24 hours. The question and the reply will be posted in the “ASK THE EXPERT†section of ACC and a copy will be e-mailed to the member who asked the question.
  • Members can choose not to disclose their name by choosing “Anonymous†option, where their name will show as “ACC Memberâ€. ACC always respects all our members privacy and encourages all our valued members to interact without any concerns or obstacles.


  • Real time Online / On phone assistance to all our valued ACC members.


  • A group of 10 highly specialized Discussion Forums with 1,000+ members equipped with highly sophisticated capabilities that enables all our valued members to exchange views, opinions, experiences, knowledge and enhance their competency.
  • ACC Discussion Forums include the following Forums:
  1. General Forum: Discussing General ACC Non-Technical topics
  2. Compliance Forum: Discussing Compliance related topics
  3. AML/CTF Forum: Discussing AML/CTF related topics
  4. Governance Forum: Discussing Corporate Governance related topics
  5. Fraud Forum: Discussing Fraud related topics
  6. Risk Management Forum: Discussing Risk Management related topics
  7. Basel II Forum: Discussing Basel II related topics
  8. Internal Control Forum: Discussing Audit & Internal Control related topics
  9. Security Forum: Discussing Data Security related topics
  10. Legal Forum: Discussing Legal related topics
    ACC respects your privacy, time and security, accordingly: All ACC Forums are fully moderated in order to ensure compliance with ACC Forum Rules and to ensure the benefit to all our members without any scams, non related discussions.


  • Latest news and updates in the related areas of specialty to keep all our valued members up to date and aware of the latest happenings in their related fields of interest.


A wide selection of trainings delivered in different methods as follows:

  • On-Site training:
    Public trainings done in a public venue, open for anyone to register and attend.
  • In-House Training:
    In-house cost effective trainings done in your organization’s premises, exclusive for your organization’s employees.
  • E-Learning:
    A very cost effective, convenient and flexible training that is done online, without the need to take time off from your work to attend the training.
  • Conferences:
    A world class Public events that are organized in different countries, bringing the top experts from all over the world to you to share their experiences and answer your questions. In addition to the excellent networking opportunities.
  • Live Chat:
    An online chat with an expert or group of experts to offer our members the ideal opportunity to learn from our experts, as questions and benefit from their extensive knowledge, experience and exposure.


Links to professional websites in the related fields of specialty including:

  1. Professional Associations
  2. World Wide Central Banks
  3.  Anti-Money Laundering Units
  4.  Financial Action Task Force “FATFâ€
  5. United States Department of Treasury
  6.  United Nations
  7.  United Kingdom Financial Services Authority “FSAâ€
  8.  Wolfsberg Group of Banks
  9. Egmont Group of FIU’s
  10. Bank of International Settlement “BISâ€
  11. Anti-Money Laundering News Authorities
  12. Anti-Money Laundering Regional Offices


  • A Knowledge bank where every ACC member can contribute and have access to various white papers, best practices, presentations, and much more. Please feel free to contribute as much as you can share with your colleagues and download all what you need to advance your competence and increase your knowledge.


  • Various number of Real life case studies with recommendations that provide you a practical experience that helps you do your job better and increase your exposure.


  • ACC publications including The Consultant MagazineTM and other ACC Books, white papers and Arabic materials.


  • For the convenience of all our valued ACC members, we offer them a secure online shopping cart where they can buy and register for our various products and services including:
  1. Training Courses
  2. Professional Memberships at a discounted price exclusive for ACC members.
  3. AML/CTF Monitoring softwares
  4. AML/CTF Black Lists (Arabic / English)
  5. ACC Merchandise
    And much more…


  • Believing in our role of spreading the awareness and encouraging all professionals to ensure compliance, maintain proper corporate Governance, fight money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes, ACC will spotlight every month a member who has contributed most to the industry.


  • An online recruitment service to all our valued members that enables employers to post a job online and job seekers to post their resumes online.
  • ACC recruitment department will match the job seekers against the job openings and provide employers with the right candidates for a reasonable commission. We hope that you will enjoy your membership in ACC and we always remain committed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.

Best Regards,

Member Services Department
Allied Compliance Consultants “ACCâ€
E-Mail: [email protected]


ACC is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with PECB, to bring PECB training courses in the United Arab Emirates. This partnership will enable both companies to strengthen their presence in the market by providing better access

ACC Executive Team

Hossam M. Abd El-Rahman

Founder, Group
Chairman &
Managing Director

Sohir Mohamed


Hassan Nasser MBA, CAMS, CCO


Mohamed Azeem Memon CAMS, CFE


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