“ACC” offers world-class solutions in accordance with the international standards and best market practices that are offered to you by a team of experts in the field with International Experience that is available locally.

“ACC” provides the following world-class Solutions:

1- AML Arabic Black Lists:

  • Office of Foreign Assets Control “OFAC” – United States
  • United Nations Black Lists
  • European Union Black Lists “EU Lists”



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  • OFAC, UN & EU Blacklists in ARABIC
  • Phonetic match with least False Positives
  • Unlimited access to download the blacklists
  • Highly reliable and up to date
  • Un beatable Competitive prices
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

2- AML Transaction Monitoring (Profiling) Software:

  • Monitor customer behavior
  • Monitor your employees “Enemy Within”
  • Scan transactions
  • Investigate unusual transactions
  • Report Suspicious Transactions “STR”
  • Report Suspicious Activity “SAR”
  • Generate AML regulatory Reports (CTR, LCT, … etc)
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3- AML Screening / Filtering Software:

  • Know Your Customer “KYC”
  • Know your Employee “KYE”
  • Monitor your SWIFT transfers
  • Meet Regulatory requirements
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4- Compliance Reporting Software:

  • Meet Regulatory requirments
  • File Compliance Reports
  • Ensure easy Compliance
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