What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar delivered via the internet.

What does the webinar registration fee include?

Webinar registration fee includes:

  • One computer login and password to login to the webinar
  • A telephone number to access the audio portion of the webinar, or you can use Voice Over IP (VOIP) connecting your computer or tablet.
  • Presentation materials and supplements that can be duplicated for webinar participants

How long do the webinars last?

Usually, webinars last for at least onehour.

How do I register for a webinar?

When you register for a webinar, fill in the online registration form, and use your credit card to pay.

Can I attend the webinar using my tablet?

Yes, mobile phone, iPad, and tablet access are supported.

Where can I find audio help when attending a webinar?

VoIP users: A dial-up Internet connection can cause poor performance. For optimum performance when using VoIP, we recommend a broadband Internet connection. If the problem persists, switch to the telephone.

Can we ask questions during the webinar?

Yes. You can submit your questions throughout the webinar via the chat function.

What Technology Do I Need for The Live Webinar?

  1. Computer Speakers
  2. Recommended Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  3. Broadband Connection
  4. Internet Browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  5. Cookies should be enabled in your web browser.

During a webinar, I'm experiencing problems, or I can't hear the presenter very well.

ACC encourages you to test your computer and computer speakers a few hours before the webinar to make sure everything works as it should. Make sure the volume setting is turned up.

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