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World’s renowned Compliance Organization, “ACC” today announced honouring Mr. Sajith Kumar PK, Director and CEO of the Dubai-based, JRG International Brokerage DMCC for the 2009 Best Achiever Award in the Middle East Region considering his valuable contribution to financial service industry by launching the Client Segregated Bank Account System- a first of its kind in the world.

Mr. Hossam M Abd El-Rahman, Managing Partner of ACC gave away the award to Mr. Kumar on the occasion of the compliance organisation’s 1st International Annual Conference on “Governance, Risk, Compliance, AML & Financial Crimes,” which took place in Dubai today.

“Transparency in financial transactions has more than ever become the cornerstone of an efficient and credible financial services industry and Mr. Sajith Kumar through the Client Segregated Bank Account System has provided the industry a cutting edge solution which will foster transparency at a time when it is much needed to woo investor confidence. The award is an honour to recognize those who create path-breaking solutions to nurture the industry,” Mr. Abd El-Rahman said.

ACC conference brought top industry experts, regulators, vendors and associations together with financial institutions in a world-class event to discuss critical challenges and areas of concern for organizations in the financial realm.

The event provided a learning experience as well as offered real-world solutions to the most pressing issues and challenges of Governance, Risk, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering and Anti Financial Crime legislations which every institution faces today.

“At JRG, my aim continues to offer financial transaction solutions that offer value and credibility, and in turn create a benchmark for the industry in terms of credibility, transparency and investor-centric strategy. The Client Segregated Bank Account System is one such initiative which has not been deployed anywhere else in the world. We do plan to offer more such solutions in line with our leadership stature,” Mr. Kumar said.

Prior to the Best Achiever Award from ACC, Mr Sajith Kumar was honoured with the Best CEO.

Award 2009 from Indian Muslim Educational Society Management Association- for instituting “Client Segregated Bank Account. Earlier, he was also honoured by the St. Albertian Institute of Management, India for his valuable contributions to the financial service industry.

JRG International’s Client Segregated Bank Account System was unveiled by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid bin Mana al Maktoum, in September 2009 in Dubai in partnership with the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) and Emirates National Bank of Dubai (ENBD). The Client Segregated Bank Account System is aimed at reinstating customer confidence in financial service industry amidst the trials and tribulations of global crisis.


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