The session was conducted by Hossam Abd El-Rahman, who is a fraud, financial crimes & AML consultant, trainer and speaker, he is also the founder and Managing partner of Allied compliance consultants “ACC” at the session hosted on the campus of Hult International business school at the Dubai International Academic City and entitled: ‘Anti Fraud compliance in today’s complex business world’ participants were educated on the various Issues of Anti fraud, ranging from the various types of fraud, reasons why financial frauds are perpetrated, the different types of financial frauds, and most Importantly how to spot and differentiate and avoid financial fraud schemes.

Hossam believes that the best way for people to safe guard themselves is to avail themselves with the tools of Information which will help create awareness about financial fraud, participants were treated to video displays and fact sheets of the staggering, uphill and ever dynamic and evolving facets and figures of financial fraud.

The challenge according to Hossam Abd El-Rahman is the fact that; it takes only about 15 days for fraudsters to catch up with any new deterrent steps and then fashion out their own ways of beating any new system in place; It therefore becomes a continuous battle of wills and Innovation; one that exposes an ignorant victim to a great risk of financial loss; and guarantees some degree of protection to a conscious individual that has the tools of awareness on his/her side.

Information sessions such as these would therefore go a long way in creating a powerful awareness among the students and participants in general.

For Sandeep Pathak; an MBA student at Hult who was one of the participants ‘ New technologies has aided this problem’ and he was quite positive that the Info session has provided new Insights on precautionary measures’ Sandeep regards the Information gathered as ‘More of a creaming on top of the general knowledge and understanding’ that he has of the Issue.

Mr. Oluwatumininu another MBA student at Hult found the session to be quite productive and insightful, as it exposed the Inherent pitfalls within the financial system, which are sometimes negatively exploited, the fact that the session enumerated regulatory ways and actions to curb the trend and drastically protect the system is quite instructive and encouraging.

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