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Book of the Month – April 2008:

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Book Details

  • Hardcover: 273 pages
  • Publisher: KOGAN PAGE (July 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0749440341
  • ISBN-13: 9780749440343
  • Format: Trade Paperback

Book Description

Over US$1.5 trillion in “dirty” money is washed and moved around the world every year, much of it by organized crime syndicates grossing more than many developed economies. And amazingly all the facilities you need to launder money can be bought off the Internet.

“Dirty Dealing” exposes the awesome scale and scope of global money laundering and its infiltration into the world’s legitimate business structures. Peter Lilley lifts the lid on this murky and frightening underworld to reveal how highly organized and sophisticated criminal organizations and terrorist groups are seriously undermining the economies of many countries, their financial systems, governments and businesses.

Full of incredible stories, facts and figures, it has been extensively revised and includes information on: the funding of international terrorism; major national and international crime groups; the impact of the internet and “cyber laundering”; and anti-money laundering strategies for all types of business.

In what many will find a shocking and eye-opening account, “Dirty Dealing” shows how the proceeds of global organized crime are laundered throughout the world’s banking systems to emerge without a hint of a stain, and more than likely in your bank account or pocket.

About the Author

Peter Lilley has been involved in the prevention, detection and investigation of global business crime and money laundering for 20 years in a variety of senior roles.

He has led a large number of successful projects all over the world and now advises a wide range of organizations on how to fight these growing problems through his firm, Proximal Consulting.

He is a fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Banking, a Certified Fraud Examiner and a member of the Institute of Professional Investigators.

He is also the author of Dirty Dealing and Hacked, Attacked and Abused (both published by Kogan Page) and numerous other published articles. Much sought after on the international speaking circuit, he also makes frequent expert contributions to print and broadcast news media such as the BBC and CNN.

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