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  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher:  McGraw-Hill
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  • ISBN-13:  978-0071812900
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Your financial advisor’s strategy to buy-and-hold a diversified equity portfolio sounded good. Diversification promised to protect your wealth. Now, however, more than a decade of hard data shows it didn’t work. And, more than likely after a decade of multiple financial shocks and crashes, your account balance is not what you hoped it would be when you started saving years ago. Much of your investment life has been spent just trying to make back what was lost.

Win By Not Losing reveals how you can make smarter, more profi table investments by first protecting your capital from major bear equity markets. It also shows you how to identify major bullish equity market trends and guides you on how best to participate. By avoiding the major downs and catching the ups, your portfolio compounds gains and allows you to achieve your financial goals. Chasing returns leads to the poorhouse.

With this book’s disciplined system for knowing when to buy, what to buy, and when to sell, you can build and protect your portfolio through active management techniques. It walks you step-by-step through growing your portfolio in bull and bear market cycles. You will master a concrete investing method that lets you trade with emotionless confidence and precision. Packed with links to online resources and personal tips from successful, high-profile traders, Win By Not Losing gives you everything you need to:

  • Identify the market metrics that are important to building wealth
  • Detect and measure the market signals foreshadowing major moves
  • Build a portfolio with strong downside protection, full transparency, immediate liquidity, low fees, and incredible risk-adjusted returns

Your portfolio returns will continue to be disappointing unless you act. It’s time to make up for lost profits by taking an active, professional, and nonemotional portfolio management approach to avoid major losses and capture gains. Win By Not Losing provides everything you need to build wealth in today’s stock market.

Stop watching your money rise and fall without signifi cant net gain with a “buy-and-hold” strategy and optimize your positions as market sentiment changes. In a nonappreciating market, investors must actively manage equities to acquire gains. Win By Not Losing presents an active approach that uses rigorous risk-management techniques to preserve your wealth and generate high returns in all equity market environments.

Prominent authors and lecturers Nick Atkeson and Andrew Houghton have culled the best of their work to help you revitalize your trading habits, protect your capital, and beat the market. Through real-world stories demonstrating fi nancial theory in action and how-to instructions for executing their strategic investment approach, these expert authors enable you to:

  • Achieve sizable returns through an investment strategy equally focused on when to invest and when to sell
  • Avoid major down markets and fully benefit from major up markets
  • Access unique financial information to help you stay current, think ahead, and build and protect your wealth

Whether you’re an independent investor or a professional financial advisor, this refreshing look at investing will change the way you see the markets. Forget what you know about modern portfolio theory and trade to make money in today’s markets with Win By Not Losing.

“Anyone with some experience in the stock market, especially the person who wants to move beyond a buy and hold strategy, can find useful tidbits in this book.”

About the Authors

Nick Atkeson

NICK ATKESON and ANDREW HOUGHTON are founding partners of Delta Investment Management, a registered investment advisory firm based in San Francisco. Delta Investment Management is a provider of premier tactical investment strategies to individuals and institutions. Atkeson and Houghton are also editors and advisors for several financial newsletter publications.

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