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ACC awarded Samba Financial Group “Financial Institution of the Year 2012” at ACC 4th Annual International GRC & Financial Crimes Conference and Exhibition held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel – Dubai on November 18-19, 2012.

The award was presented in recognition of the Bank’s excellent initiatives in Corporate Governance and leading best practices in compliance.

Hossam Abd El-Rahman, Managing Partner , Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC” said: “ACC is always awarding Financial Institutions with best achievements and recognizing their valuable efforts in “Walking the Tight Rope” in today’s most challenging regulatory requirements and ever threatening financial crimes threats.”

Mr. Abd El-Rahman added: “ACC will continue its leading role in ensuring compliance globally, spreading the awareness and helping financial institutions protect their reputation, maintain proper compliance, manage their risks & fight financial crimes.”

Samba Financial Group also was awarded two individual Achievement Awards this year; the “Corporate Governance Officer of the year 2012” was awarded to Ms. Rania Nashar, CAMS – Group Head of Compliance – Samba Financial Group and the “Risk Management Officer for the year 2012″was awarded to Mr. Beji Tak-Tak – Chief Credit Officer – Samba Financial Group.

ACC 4th Annual International GRC & Financial Crimes Conference and Exhibition was held to provide an un-matched comprehensive, engaging and informative learning experience with a networking opportunity for industry professionals, delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors from around the world.

The Conference involved panel sessions and live dialogues from representatives from a number of MENA region jurisdictions, in addition to international experts and regulators addressing the most crucial regulatory developments and how to best comply with them.

About Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC”:

Allied Compliance Consultants “ACC” is an international professional services firm with Corporate Headquarters in Britain, MENA Region Office based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and international presence in 24+ countries around the world.

“ACC” is a team of highly skilled professionals who have gained their experiences through working in BIG FOUR International Audit Firms and the financial sector for many years. This firsthand knowledge benefits both the clients and candidates while having in depth discussions about their needs. It also enables our consultants to familiarize themselves easily and quickly in new organizations and implement real solutions based on the international best market practice.

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